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Taghe Bostan


Only nine kilometers from Kermanshah city, there is Taghe Bostan village with signs left in it from the Sassanid period (266 - 651 AD).

One such sign is the coronation of the Sassanid kings which has been demonstrated on the rocks. On the left side of the reception of Artaxerxes the second's coronation, there exist two vaults, a smaller one and a bigger one which belong to the Sassanids.




The first vault which is the small one has been carved in the mountain during the reign of Shapur and includes two relief sculptures and two inscriptions in the Sassanid Pahlavi. According to the inscriptions the two pictures belong to Shapoor the second.





The smaller vault is of greater significance since the two inscriptions have remained intact from events and act as introductions to the demonstrations of the vault. The bigger vault which contains more demonstrations and delicate carvings, has attracted the attention of historians. The mouth of the bigger vault is 7.4 meters, it is 7.17 meters deep and 9 meters high. This bigger vault belongs to the era of Khosro the second known as Parviz.